12 Ways to Feel the Holiday Cheer This Year

Even as the world continues to fight off a global pandemic, the clock doesn’t stop ticking, which means… The holidays are here! This time of course brings a lot of cheer and joy. Yet, it can also bring a lot of stress and negative feelings. It really is up to us to decide which feelings we share with those around us. 


So in this blog post we would like to invite you to share the holiday cheer. We give you 12 ways to do so, but of course, you can share the holiday cheer your own way. 


Let’s get to it!


1 – Draw your version of a Christmas tree or other Holiday imagery

Christmas trees come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and colors. Let your imagination go wild and draw one (or several) versions of a christmas tree! Try different colors, using different patterns, materials, etc. This is great to do with little kids and then you can hang the drawings next to your tree.


2 – Write a list of three things that bring you joy

It is a challenge to not feel exhausted and to remember that self-care is very important. It is even more important now to find the things that bring us joy and peace and engage with those things!


Action: write a list of three things that bring you joy. If you want to share on social media and tag us, we would love to feature you. Who knows, maybe you give people ideas of what they can do to address their own self care!


3 – Wear your favorite Holiday attire and tag us in your photo

This year’s holidays are unlike any other year. But this does not mean that we cannot have some good holiday cheer and fun. We can especially be creative with our holiday clothes and decorations!


Action: we invite you today to take out your ugliest Christmas sweater, put on a Santa hat, or any other kind of special attire you might have for the holidays, and take a selfie. Post on your favorite social media channel and tag us!

4 – Go on a drive and look at holiday light displays

One of the things that brings us joy at Sam’s Fans is Christmas Lights! That’s the inspiration for this action.


Action: it is very simple, later today go on a drive (or a walk) and look at holiday light displays. Post a photo of your favorite display and tag us!


5 – Sing your favorite Holiday songs

You already know that we love music at Sam’s Fans. Music brings joy to people around us and to ourselves. The holidays have particularly been the source of inspiration for hundreds, if not thousands of songs, around the world. 


Action: This holiday season, take out your favorite instrument (or even without an instrument) and invite those you’re spending time with to sing with you some holiday tunes! 


6 – Prepare your favorite food

Food brings people together. Particularly, dishes that are only prepared during this season really help us feel the holiday spirit.


Action: Even if you usually don’t cook, try making your favorite dish this holiday season! You can easily find the recipe for any dish online so there is no excuse to not give it a try.


7 – Write a Christmas card for your loved ones

Do you usually put together a Christmas card with your family? If you don’t, this might be the chance to start a tradition. 


Action: Print a card of your family together in Christmas attire (or purchase Christmas cards) and write something for your closest friends and/or family members. 


8 – Do something nice for somebody without expecting recognition

Sometimes the best kind of holiday cheer is found in small everyday actions.


Action: Do something nice for someone in need anonymously and without expecting recognition. The holiday cheer will reach those you help and yourself! 


9 – Get inspired by these testimonials

Check out these impact stories from our library. You will realize how music and art therapy can bring joy, and the holiday cheer, to seriously ill children!


10 – Purchase Art Supplies or Musical Instruments for a Seriously Ill Child

Sam’s Fans supports music and art therapy for seriously ill children and their families. The therapists we support are always in need of more art and music supplies, so you can purchase supplies directly and send it to us (which we will then send to the hospitals), or you can make a donation here


11 – Light a candle for someone you miss this Holiday season

We want to remind you to cherish every moment that you have with the people you love. If you’re missing someone this holiday season, light a candle in their memory. 


12 – Make a Holiday Donation

Consider making a holiday donation to Sam’s Fans before the year ends!


With your unwavering support over these turbulent years, we have been inspired to remain singularly focused on our mission of supporting and enhancing music and art therapy programs for seriously ill children and their families.


Children in hospitals face tremendous stress and isolation. The need for music and art therapy is greater than it has ever been. Your holiday donation will bring the holiday cheer to many children! 


Donate here.



There are many ways to bring the holiday cheer to those around you this year. These holiday seasons will continue to look a bit different, but that does not mean we can’t bring joy and love to many people. We hope that these 12 actions might give you some ideas. You can also get creative and let us know which other ways you are bringing holiday cheer to people this year! 

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