5 Ideas to Celebrate World Music Therapy Day

March 1st is World Music Therapy Day! At Sam’s Fans, we support music therapy for seriously ill children, so of course this is a day we want to celebrate with you. Music therapy is a relatively new profession, particularly in many countries around the world. Today is a chance to come together with professionals around the world to celebrate the power of music therapy. It is also a chance for interested individuals who are not music therapists to learn more about this wonderful profession! 


If you need some extra inspiration, here are 5 ways in which you can celebrate World Music Therapy Day:


Post a photo on social media with the hashtag #worldmusictherapyday


Whether you are a music therapist or not, this is a day to celebrate the power of music! You can take a photo or video of yourself doing any of the suggested activities here and upload them to social media. Or perhaps it’s just a photo of you saying Happy World Music Therapy Day! Regardless, make sure to use the hashtag #worldmusictherapyday. 


Become a Bring the Joy Monthly Donor


Bring the Joy is a monthly giving program with 100% of every dollar going directly toward music and art therapy programs for seriously ill children. What better way to celebrate music therapy day than to decide to celebrate it every month! In March of this year we are trying to get 15 new Bring the Joy members giving $23 USD per month. Our inspiration is Sam’s birthday which is on March 15th and this year is her 23rd birthday. Read more about this opportunity and become a member on our website


Have a very musical day


If you are a music therapist, you are probably already spending the day making music. Today is a day in which you can listen to your favorite music and remember why you became a music therapist in the first place! 


If you are not a music therapist, then this might be a chance for you to listen to music all day long. Or, if you play an instrument, maybe you get in touch with your instrument and play some tunes.


World Music Therapy Day is a day for everybody to remember how powerful listening to, playing, and engaging in music can be! 


Read and get informed about what is music therapy 


How much do you know about music therapy? On this World Music Therapy Day you can expand your knowledge of the field! You can start here with the definition and description of music therapy. Then we invite you to read our blog where we have dozens of posts on different topics regarding music therapy! 


Make a one-time donation to support music therapy


Lastly, if you are not ready to become a monthly donor, how about making a one-time donation to support music therapy today? You can make a donation here. 


How are you celebrating World Music Therapy Day? We would love to hear from you in the comments!


L. Samuel Gracida

L. Samuel Gracida

Samuel is Sam's Fans Operating Director and our primary blogger!

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