6 Quotes About Music Therapy That You Will Love

Music therapy is as much an ineffable experience as it is something concrete and observable. We want to share with you six quotes about music therapy that perhaps provide a small window into what makes it so special and magical!


Barbara Crowe

“(Music therapy) can make the difference between withdrawal and awareness, between isolation and interaction, between chronic pain and comfort — between demoralization and dignity.”


Barbara J. Crowe is the Director of Music Therapy at Arizona State University. She was also President of the National Association for Music Therapy and served as Chair of the Transition Task Force on Educational and Clinical Training. Additionally, Professor Crowe’s research interests include the historical antecedents of modern music therapy and the theoretical foundations of music therapy practice.  More info about Prof. Crowe here.

Jodi Picoult

“Music therapy, to me, is music performance without the ego. It’s not about entertainment as much as its about empathizing. If you can use music to slip past the pain and gather insight into the workings of someone else’s mind, you can begin to fix a problem.”


Jodi Lynn Picoult is an American novelist. Currently approximately 14 million copies of her books are in print worldwide, translated into 34 languages. In her book “Sing You Home” she engages with the world of music therapy as the protagonist becomes a music therapist and uses “music clinically to soothe burn victims in a hospital; to help Alzheimer’s patients connect with the present; to provide solace for hospice patients,” and more.


Brian Schreck

“Music therapy is a credentialed health profession that uses music to help people.” … “I wanna make sure that you know that music therapy is alive. This is live music and if you’re too sick or fragile to make it I’m going to involve everyone else that is present in the room in the experience.”


Brian Schreck is a board-certified music therapist who has worked with people with a wide range of medical illnesses since 2004. He is currently serving people of all ages diagnosed with cancer and their families at the Norton Cancer Institute in Louisville, KY. He was also Sam’s therapist at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. Check out an interview with him here:

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Dr. Clive Robbins

“Almost all children respond to music. Music is an open-sesame, and if you can use it carefully and appropriately, you can reach into that child’s potential for development.”


Dr. Clive Robbins was a British music therapist, special needs educator, and co-founder of Nordoff-Robbins music therapy. The Nordoff-Robbins approach to music therapy was originally developed as a therapy for children with psychological, physical, or developmental disabilities. More information about Nordoff-Robbins music therapy here.


Dr. Kenneth Bruscia

“Songs express who we are and how we feel, they bring us closer to others, they keep us company when we are alone. They articulate our beliefs and values, and they bear witness to our lives. Songs weave tales of our joys and sorrows, they reveal our innermost secrets, and they express our hopes and disappointments, our fears and triumphs. They are our musical diaries, our life stories. They are the sounds of our personal development”.


Dr. Kenneth Bruscia is a world-renowned music therapist and music therapy author with many years of clinical expertise with diverse clientele. He is a Professor Emeritus at Temple University, where he taught since 1974. He also founded the bachelor’s, master’s and PhD degrees in music therapy there. Additionally, his interests in the world of music therapy are very diverse and has written about many topics. More info about Dr. Ken Bruscia here.



“Music is one of my favorite things in the world. I listen to it all the time. It makes me feel good and it makes me groove. I love music it really makes me happy! Music makes me dance. It makes me feel like I can do anything. It motivates me to exercise when I don’t want to. [Music] makes me HAPPY when I’m sad and of all it makes me feel ALIVE.”


Sam was not a music therapist but she surely understood the power of music therapy better than anybody for she lived it and it touched her deeply. Learn about Sam’s story here. 

There you have it! Six quotes about music therapy, or simply about music, for you! Are there any other quotes about music therapy you would like to share with us? If so, write them in the comments!

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