A Very Short Story

One typical day of summer they took him to the emergency room because of a fever of 104. You never expect these things will happen to you, until one day, a high fever, a stomachache that does not go away, an accident, or another circumstance of fate reminds you how fragile life can be. In the drive to the hospital Mr. Jones was already thinking about being back at home even that same night. Mrs. Jones, always in a different wavelength, was already imagining the worst case scenario. No one loves or worries as much as a mother for their kids.


They waited at the emergency room for what felt like hours. The doctors told them at 11:54pm that he had to stay under observation in the ICU and that they had to run some tests. His 11th birthday was just one week away and while he felt terrible, he hoped to be back home to celebrate his birthday with his friends. But they, the adults, had told him that he would have to stay in the hospital. He knew he had to listen to them but he just wished he could go back home to his bed, his toys, and his dog.


The first hours in the hospital were awful. While his brain was foggy from the fever, he remembers all these unfamiliar faces and voices, hands unknown to him prodding around, and the sting of a needle. He never liked shots, but again, which kid does? The first night he could barely sleep. The fever, the unfamiliarity of the place, and what felt like his whole body pounding did not allow him to rest.


It was around 8 am as he awoke in this unfamiliar noisy room. He felt his whole body weak and feverish. They had a TV in the room so he watched some cartoons. Yet, it did not seem to bring him the same joy it did as back home. He just felt tired, his body was hurting, and he did not want to do anything. He had already come to the conclusion that when somebody with a white robe or any kind of uniform came in, it could not be good news. And while mom was by his side the whole time, she seemed different, like other times when he got sick in the past. He so hoped that this would be over soon.


Another night in the hospital. He felt sad and downtrodden, more so than he had ever felt in his life. After lunch on that second day, he was lying down doing nothing. He felt bored and tired when somebody knocked on the door. Nobody knocks on the door around here, he thought to himself, who could that be. He looked over and saw something like a flying head, sticking into the room. Odd, other people simply come in, he was getting used to that already. It was this woman with a smile on her face.


To be continued…

L. Samuel Gracida

L. Samuel Gracida

Samuel is Sam's Fans Operating Director and our primary blogger!

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