A word or more on quarantine

These are uncertain and scary times. Perhaps I have a good distraction, but I am doing relatively well although some days are harder than others.  I think I would venture to say that having been in a situation like this I kind of get it… except for the part where we have a pandemic.

We have been here.  Perhaps you have heard him in one of our videos Dan says “being on a bone marrow transplant unit is the equivalent of maximum security prison”.  Yep, that’s what we are all facing right now.  Confined to our homes, no visitors, wash your hands, sanitize everything.  We have done this.  It is hard.  It is lonely.  I recall hours on end where all Sam wanted to do was online video chat with her brothers!  There really wasn’t much to talk about but being able to see their faces made her day.  How many of you are finding yourselves having virtual meet ups on the daily??!!  I know I am!  Sometimes it is a zoom meeting, a coffee chat or a virtual happy hour.  These interactions are giving us life!


Music and art are giving folks life!

You know what else I have been seeing that is giving folks life???  Music and art!  That’s right!  Bands are doing live streams of concerts.  People are dancing in the streets of their neighborhoods.  Artists are going live daily to draw with kids.  Kids are coloring their sidewalks and sending messages of hope everywhere!  I love it!  School is cancelled and restaurants are closed, our events are postponed, but you know what?? Art is NOT cancelled, and music is NOT cancelled!!!


Kids are still in hospitals

You want to know something else?  Sick kids are not cancelled… although I wish they were.  Kids are still hospitalized every day for long periods of time and they still need the services that they can’t receive because of this awful pandemic.  No longer are music and art therapists able to come in their rooms.  Only one parent is allowed to be there and no other visitors.  This situation is unbearable on top of an even more unbearable situation of being a kid in a hospital.

You can help these kids and families.  Our partner hospitals are looking at new ways to engage with kids and you can help them.  Maybe they need computers to video conference with patients.  They need supplies to create bags of activities to share with them that they can keep.   Your donation of even $10 will make an incredible impact.  I know times are trying right now but your help can go a long way.

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Nikki McCarthy

Nikki McCarthy

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