Big Night for Sam’s Fans

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Hi Sam’s Fans!  Last night was a huge night for me!  I mean HUGE!

I think lots of you are aware that I am a big fan of Mat Kearney (pronounced car-knee)  Last night I attended a Mat Kearney concert right here in my home town of Columbus!  He is traveling on the Tour De Compadres with NeedToBreathe and Welshley Arms and John Mark McMillan.  There was a little VIP add on you could purchase so yeah… I did that too!   So me and my compadres headed out for the show early to get in line!  This is us on a diff night:)

It was hot but that’s cool when you are waiting to see your favorite artist!  So we went to this little room where we and about 20 other cool kids got to see these guys sing a fun acoustic version of Tom Petty’s “Wreck Me” which was really cool.  This is how close we were!

IMG_1904  I was pretty excited! Cause there is Mat, right there in the middle!IMG_1905

So then we got to go though the line and get a photo.  It’s gets better!  Thanks to my awesome friend and PR extraordinaire Lauren Cutillo we were granted a few extra minutes with MK!  Yay for Lauren! Yay for us!   I was a little nervous but I had kind of prepared what I wanted to say. Good idea Dan!    I learned that lesson but that is a story for another day.  We talked about another time I met him (he remembered) and his new baby on the way in December and we talked about Sam’s Fans which was really cool because really at the end of the day he is what inspired me to start this whole thing.  The connection I had with Sam through his music is “undeniable” and continues to this day.  It brings me happiness and healing to share music and art therapy with lots of kids like our girl and he is a huge part of that.   We both loved him.  In fact I found a little gem as I was cleaning out her room during the big office move.  I took it with me and shared it with him.  Here is his reaction!IMG_1915make sure you zoom in:)

Here is him taking a picture of it with HIS camera!IMG_1913

Then he signed it…IMG_1918 and then my night was complete but not really because I still got to see him perform.  From here.IMG_1927 We were close!  and when I say close this is the barricade right in front of me and then the stage… which means I was in the front row!  IMG_1924EEEK!  And of course he was awesome because he always is.  It was a night to remember. He is an incredibly gracious guy.  I felt like he was genuinely into what we are doing and why.  So maybe someday he will know all about Sam’s Fans and even be part of it in some little way!  Hey, a girl can dream, right.  It was a not so long ago when I dreamed I might get to meet and talk to him.  With that I say, to you:


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