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Art Therapy Story from Akron Children’s Hospital – Part 2

By L. Samuel Gracida | October 23, 2021
Table of Contents

Continuation for Art Therapy StorySecond PartUpdate about this patientConclusionThank you for reading!

Continuation for Art Therapy Story
In our last blog post, we shared with you the first part of a story about a girl who participated in art therapy.

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Touching Art Therapy Story from Akron Children’s Hospital

By L. Samuel Gracida | October 6, 2021

In this blog post we are sharing with you a story from art therapist Emily Grabo. Emily Grabo is a Board-Certified Registered Art Therapist (ATR-BC) and Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in the state of Ohio specializing in pediatric medical art therapy, grief and loss, substance abuse, and trauma informed care.

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How Can Music Therapy Improvisation Maintain or Improve Health?

By L. Samuel Gracida | September 22, 2021
Have you ever thought about the fact that you are constantly improvising? Language is perhaps the most obvious example of this. Unless you are giving a speech, you usually do not prepare what you’re going to say. You improvise it along the way! Yet, perhaps many of us would hesitate if we were asked to improvise musically.

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Florence Nightingale and Music in Healthcare

By L. Samuel Gracida | July 29, 2021

How are Florence Nightingale and Music in Healthcare related? We tell you all about it in today’s blog post! 

Table of Contents

First, a bit of background informationNotes on Nursing and Music in HealthcareHow did Florence Nightingale Reach Her Conclusions?ConclusionSources:

First, a bit of background information
Florence Nightingale is best known for her tremendous influence on the development of nursing.

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And then, the most amazing thing happened…

By L. Samuel Gracida | July 17, 2021

Sam’s Fans supports music and art therapy in several pediatric hospitals. We are so grateful that our partners from these hospitals often send us stories and testimonials. They reflect the impact that music and art therapy can have! 
We also believe it is important to share these stories with the true heroes.

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Expanding Music Therapy Access – Dayton Children’s Hospital

By L. Samuel Gracida | June 28, 2021

For today’s blog post we are bringing you an update about the music therapy program that Sam’s Fans supports at Dayton Children’s Hospital (DCH). This blog post is based on the episode from The Power of Stories with Ella Guillard, MT-BC, music therapist at DCH. 

Table of Contents

New Music Therapist in Behavioral Health UnitElla Guillard’s backgroundEducation

New Music Therapist in Behavioral Health Unit
Sam’s Fans first supported the first pilot program for music therapists at DCH.

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That’s a wrap! Over a year of virtual events

By L. Samuel Gracida | June 19, 2021

Last weekend we had over 230 people join us for Sam’s Fans Virtual 5k: The Sequel. We are incredibly thankful to everyone who participated: runners, donors, fundraisers, sponsors, volunteers, and the Sam’s Fans team! 
It is easier now, as the situation starts to normalize, to look back at a tough year that we’ve had.

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Running and Music: How can music help you during your runs?

By L. Samuel Gracida | May 31, 2021

Do you ever listen to music when you run? What is your favorite running music? Why does listening to music when we run seem to help? 
Rhythm is a very important element to understanding why music can help during a run. You are probably very aware of how your mind and body react to rhythm.

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Music and Meditation: How Can Music Aid Your Meditation Practice?

By L. Samuel Gracida | May 21, 2021

Learn more about meditation and music in honor of World Meditation Day! World Meditation Day happens each year on May 21st. Its inception is uncertain but one thing we can assure you: it does not hurt to celebrate it! On the contrary, meditation has a lot of benefits. Read on to learn more about these benefits,

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12 Individual Populations that Music Therapists Can Help

By L. Samuel Gracida | April 28, 2021

Perhaps you already know that music therapy is great. You may also already know how music therapy with seriously ill children works. But, did you know that music therapy can also help people individual populations that range from the military to individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder, the elderly, and more? 

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