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Learn About Art Therapy With These Four Introductory Art Therapy Books

By L. Samuel Gracida | February 26, 2022

Are you thinking about the next book to read? How about picking up a book on art therapy and start learning more about the therapeutic power of art! With the help of these books, you can learn about:

How great works of art can help us manage tensions and confusions in our everyday life.
How art can be used to both treat psychological distress and help manage physical pain and symptoms….

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Have You Ever Made Art to Music?

By L. Samuel Gracida | February 17, 2022

Music inspires a variety of feelings in listener and sometimes those feelings can be expressed through another art form, such as visual art, dance, drama, writing, etc. In this blog post, we are sharing with you two fun games to play with friends and family!

Table of Contents

What you needGame 1: Eyes closed,

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The Power of Music and Art according to Martin Luther King Jr.

By L. Samuel Gracida | January 17, 2022

Since 1986, we have commemorated the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on the third Monday of January. President Ronald Reagan signed a bill in 1983 to create this federal holiday in honor of King after years of campaigning by activities, members of Congress, and Coretta Scott King. 
On this day, we honor Dr.

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12 Ways to Feel the Holiday Cheer This Year

By L. Samuel Gracida | December 21, 2021

Even as the world continues to fight off a global pandemic, the clock doesn’t stop ticking, which means… The holidays are here! This time of course brings a lot of cheer and joy. Yet, it can also bring a lot of stress and negative feelings. It really is up to us to decide which feelings we share with those around us. 

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An Introduction to the History of Art Therapy

By L. Samuel Gracida | December 9, 2021

Blog post written by guest author, Zhiqian Xu.
Art therapy is a young discipline that uses artistic methods to treat psychological disorders and improve mental well-being. In this blog post we introduce you to the history of art therapy!
Art has always been essential to what it means to be human. It is rooted in our needs to express ourselves and make sense of our experience in the world around us….

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Can Music Help Relieve My Kid’s Headache?

By L. Samuel Gracida | December 2, 2021

Music can bring you and your loved ones a variety of benefits. As we have extensively written about, music therapists are experts at using music in all its facets to help achieve “non-musical” goals. Basically, there is a whole discipline that looks at and thinks about how music can make people’s lives better. 

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Art Therapy Story from Akron Children’s Hospital – Part 2

By L. Samuel Gracida | October 23, 2021
Table of Contents

Continuation for Art Therapy StorySecond PartUpdate about this patientConclusionThank you for reading!

Continuation for Art Therapy Story
In our last blog post, we shared with you the first part of a story about a girl who participated in art therapy.

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Touching Art Therapy Story from Akron Children’s Hospital

By L. Samuel Gracida | October 6, 2021

In this blog post we are sharing with you a story from art therapist Emily Grabo. Emily Grabo is a Board-Certified Registered Art Therapist (ATR-BC) and Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in the state of Ohio specializing in pediatric medical art therapy, grief and loss, substance abuse, and trauma informed care.

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How Can Music Therapy Improvisation Maintain or Improve Health?

By L. Samuel Gracida | September 22, 2021
Have you ever thought about the fact that you are constantly improvising? Language is perhaps the most obvious example of this. Unless you are giving a speech, you usually do not prepare what you’re going to say. You improvise it along the way! Yet, perhaps many of us would hesitate if we were asked to improvise musically.

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Florence Nightingale and Music in Healthcare

By L. Samuel Gracida | July 29, 2021

How are Florence Nightingale and Music in Healthcare related? We tell you all about it in today’s blog post! 

Table of Contents

First, a bit of background informationNotes on Nursing and Music in HealthcareHow did Florence Nightingale Reach Her Conclusions?ConclusionSources:

First, a bit of background information
Florence Nightingale is best known for her tremendous influence on the development of nursing.

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