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By Guest Blogger | March 12, 2020

Today’s blog post was written by Mandy McGlone, Nikki’s best friend and Sam’s Fans’ Associate Director.


Nikki and I are best friends from High School. To say that we have been through a lot together is an understatement. We’ve supported each other through new jobs and new houses. We’ve supported each other through bad boyfriends and bad 80’s hair.  …

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A Very Short Story

By L. Samuel Gracida | February 17, 2020

One typical day of summer they took him to the emergency room because of a fever of 104. You never expect these things will happen to you, until one day, a high fever, a stomachache that does not go away, an accident, or another circumstance of fate reminds you how fragile life can be. In the drive to the hospital Mr….

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You Wouldn’t Expect Them to Benefit from Music Therapy

By L. Samuel Gracida | February 10, 2020

Music therapy can have an impact on a wide range of populations. It can help the elderly, specially those with dementia, it can help kids with burns, also children with autism, and premature babies in the NICU. And so much more! There is even one population you wouldn’t think of when you think of music therapy….

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Images Can Transcend Words: Inside an Art Therapy Session

By Guest Blogger | February 3, 2020
Table of Contents

IntroductionWho do Art Therapists See?The Art Therapy SessionConclusionReferences

Art therapy is an evidence-based treatment that utilizes a variety of art media and psychology based processes in order to reach therapeutic goals and improve overall quality of life. An art therapist is a board certified masters-level clinician who works with people of all ages across a broad spectrum of practice….

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Music Therapy Helps Kids Cope With Burns

By L. Samuel Gracida | January 28, 2020

Annette Whitehead-Pleaux, M.A., MT-BC, is an assistant professor at Berklee College of Music. In addition, she teaches LENS courses on LGBTQ+ Identities in the Creative Arts. Annette also teaches at St. Mary-of-the-Woods College in the Masters and Equivalency programs, at Colorado State University, Loyola University in New Orleans, and at Lesley University all in the Master programs.  …

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Art Therapy Activities Bring Joy to Kids at CCHMC!

By Guest Blogger | January 19, 2020

Thank you Gina Roell for writing this blog post! Gina is an art therapist at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. 
Hello from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. Thanks to Sam’s Fans, the patients on our Bone Marrow Transplant unit are able to benefit from art therapy services. I wanted to share some of the art therapy activities (interventions) that I use with the patients that Sam’s Fans makes possible….

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How Much Do Music Therapists Earn? – Music Therapy Salaries

By L. Samuel Gracida | January 13, 2020

A couple of weeks ago we shared an article that mentioned music therapy as one of the most meaningful careers one can study. The article also mentioned how much music therapists and other professionals earn and it stroke me how music therapists were the second lowest-earning professionals in the list! Therefore, I decided to do a bit of research and write this post to hopefully take the conversation about music therapy salaries one step further….

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6 Quotes About Music Therapy That You Will Love

By L. Samuel Gracida | January 6, 2020

Music therapy is as much an ineffable experience as it is something concrete and observable. We want to share with you six quotes about music therapy that perhaps provide a small window into what makes it so special and magical!

Table of Contents

Barbara CroweJodi PicoultBrian SchreckDr. Clive RobbinsDr. Kenneth BrusciaSam

Barbara Crowe
“(Music therapy) can make the difference between withdrawal and awareness,

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Perspectives on Music Therapy in Dementia Care

By Guest Blogger | October 28, 2019

Thank you to our guest blogger Brittany Scheer, MA, MT-BC from Living Music LLC for writing Perspectives on Music Therapy in Dementia Care! 

Table of Contents

Dementia Disorders WorldwideMusic Therapy in Dementia CareMusic ExperiencesClinical ExperienceConnectionReferences:

Dementia Disorders Worldwide
Dementia Disorders currently make up one of the largest health care epidemics in the world….

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Music Therapy for Children with Autism

By L. Samuel Gracida | October 22, 2019

Blog post written by music therapist Alyssa Graber, MME, MT-BC

Table of Contents

Music Therapy and Autism Spectrum DisorderMusic Therapy at Bridgeway AcademyWhat Does a Music Therapy Session Look Like at Bridgeway Academy?About Alyssa Graber

Music Therapy and Autism Spectrum Disorder
There are years of evidence to support the efficacy of music therapy with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD),…

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