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By Nikki McCarthy | November 13, 2017

Team Sam’s Fans took a road trip last week!

On Thursday we spent the day in Dayton for a day full of activity.  We started with lunch at the Dayton Children’s Hospital administration offices.  We shared our story with them and got to hear about all the new tower project that is almost complete.  In fact,…

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By Nikki McCarthy | October 25, 2017

What’s up Sam’s Fans!
So much is going on over here at the SFHQ!  All kinds of important meetings happening, giving away ukuleles, planning events all that good stuff but there were a couple fun things that we got to do this past month that I thought we definitely worth a blog post.
First was the #AngelsRockOhio rock painting event.  …

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The Today Show Day!

By Nikki McCarthy | September 4, 2017

Welcome back!  The following is just after the Today Show was filmed back in June.  I made sure to write it all down so I wouldn’t forget.  It is interesting to read what I wrote that day and what I know now:) Enjoy!!
The last five days have been a complete whirl wind. 
Sunday’s race was awesome! …

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Flying Horse Farms Visit

By Nikki McCarthy | August 12, 2017

It has been an exciting few days here at Sam’s Fans, hasn’t it??!! That was a really hard secret to keep from you guys but it was worth it!  Can you imagine Mandy keeping that from me for months??  That is  for another day though. For now I want to introduce you to someone else
This is Grant.  

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Another busy weekend!

By Nikki McCarthy | May 22, 2017

Sam’s Fans!
Its busy over here at the SF HQ!  The last few weeks have been full and I wanted to keep you updated on all the haps!
For starters, let’s give it up for this guy!
My friend Daniel Goldberg is a rockstar!  Not only did he  learn an entire language for his Bar Mitzvah but he also had to put together an awesome 9-hole golf scramble and raised $3600 for Sam’s Fans.  …

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Busy day for Sam’s Fans

By Nikki McCarthy | May 7, 2017

You guys!  It was another busy weekend over here at Sam’s Fans and I just have to share!  Our day started at Colin’s Coffee with the second annual Sam’s Fans Day at CC!  So many fans came out to register for the race, pick up their yard signs, donate, and learn about Sam’s Fans!  The kids came through again getting the shop ready the night before
Our friend and Raygan from Picasso’s Art Studio did this amazing art on the window of the shop to help promote too!  …

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Delivery Day!

By Nikki McCarthy | April 7, 2017

I woke up this morning with a spring in my step … tempered just a touch by the Blue Jackets home loss last night but oh well, playoffs nonetheless!  I digress
Today was delivery day to Cincinnati with a side of Dayton!  I got my people off to school and came home to quickly pack the car!…

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North of Lane

By Nikki McCarthy | January 25, 2017

What’s up Sam’s Fans??!!
That is the stage at King Avenue 5!   You probably have heard of this spot because last year they hosted our music fest and this past Sunday they once again hosted a concert that benefitted Sam’s Fans.  So basically, we love King Avenue 5!
Have you heard of North of Lane?  If you haven’t you probably should check them out here!  …

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Just some random thoughts to share

By Nikki McCarthy | January 9, 2017

So I struggle with where the appropriate place is for times like today but after giving it some thought I will share.
Today I went to the cemetery… finally, I am embarrassed but the truth is sometimes life gets in the way.  Does that mean I did not celebrate the holidays with Sam?   No, in fact she is with mel every minute of every day.  …

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Comedy Improv Night for Sam’s Fans

By Nikki McCarthy | January 4, 2017

No, I was not doing the comedy (don’t worry)  but I was humbled by the generosity of perfect strangers.  A friend who does improv shared our mission with some of his friends.
They meet monthly to do their shows and pick a charity to donate the proceeds.  A week or so ago they called and asked us if we would like to benefit from their show.  …

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