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Facebook Live Stories Part 1

Every Wednesday we host Facebook live interviews with music therapists, art therapists, and other Sam’s Fans. We have talked about various topics within the creative arts therapies, about our partnerships, and so much more. Usually my favorite part of the facebook live interviews are the stories at the end as I get to hear the stories (some weird,…

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Art Therapy as a Support for Autism

“You mean I haven’t tried everything yet?”
The relief in her tone was palpable, her eyes intense. She happened upon my table at a resource fair. As she spoke, she echoed the stories of countless parents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Exhausted from the therapy schedule and disheartened by slow and incremental progress, she was intrigued and wanted to learn more about how art therapy could help her child….

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Art Therapy: An Outside the Box Approach to ADHD

Parents of children who have an ADHD diagnosis often go to great lengths to support their child’s special needs. Behavior modifications, endless adjustments to diet and schedule, tutoring, sports, meetings with teachers, and medications create a short list. However, this does not come anywhere close to painting an adequate picture. Exhaustion, meltdowns, and desperation become underlying motivations to solve the puzzle that has become their child….

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Art Games for the Win!

We have all been there. You need a quiet and engaging activity for your kids to prevent a meltdown at a restaurant. Or quite possibly you have a sick family member that needs your presence but lacks the energy to converse. Maybe you are in a relationship that is experiencing a communication slump or your quiet child needs ideas for how to make new friends….

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Art Therapy: How It Works

“My loveness makes my wings grow big!”
As he spoke, he created pink circles radiating outward from his body map. This exercise is done each art therapy session to help this 6 year old learn to identify the physical sensations of his emotions. Gradually, his circles grew so large they overtook the page. Next, he added large,…

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What it’s all about

Hello everybody! This is Samuel Gracida writing about Sam’s Fans mission! (I am Sam’s Fans new Operating Director, I even got business cards now with my new title!) I will try to write a blog post every Tuesday. And I’ll try my best so be on the lookout for that!
Today I wanted to reflect on our mission and all that is happening at Sam’s Fans….

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