Center for Courageous Kids

The Center for Courageous Kids (CCK) is a non-profit that organizes camps for seriously ill children. Campers have a lot of fun swimming, fishing, riding horses, and being kids. They also have opportunities for making excellent choices, creating and sustaining healthy relationships, building personal confidence and achieving personal goals!


What Sam's Fans does

Sam's Fans funded CCK for the first time in 2018. Thanks to a $10,000 grant from Sam's Fans, CCK was able to fund an art therapist. The impact extended to 925 campers!

Statements below came from Jennifer (art therapy) about some of the projects kids did at CCK:

“I have attached some pour painting samples that we did last week with the campers. I think they came out beautifully—and the campers and families were very excited about the process. A picture of one of the campers with tennis ball printing is also included. This was part of a couple of different samples of making prints from different materials that you not normally work with to make prints with. We used tennis balls as well as bubble wrap to make prints off of.”

“There is one picture of a camper’s loom piece—and I will be including additional samples later on. The camp was able to purchase looms with some of the grant funds so that the campers could learn how to make wonderful fabric pieces with the looms. Anther shot is of one of our campers who did some marker dot artwork to music. We coupled with the music therapist and asked the campers to make dot patterns to the music—and then pass the artwork to the next person who added their own color and markings to that picture. Eventually everyone got back their original piece—and had to make a final picture from the dots and patterns.”

Sam's Fans is proud of the partnership with the Center for Courageous Kids. If you wish to support this initiative please consider making a donation.