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Sam’s Fans started a new partnership with Cleveland Clinic Children’s this year. In this blog post, we explain to you how the partnership started and what you help us fund with your donations. We also tell you how CCC will further the mission of using music and art therapy to serve seriously ill children and their families.


How It Happened

It all started last year, as Sam’s Fans was expanding and reaching to new possible programs in Ohio. Nikki got in contact with the folks at Cleveland Clinic Children’s and they started a conversation. As in many hospitals, there is still a need for music and art therapy funding. Of course, we wanted to help with funding at CCC, but we weren’t sure where the funds were going to come from. Then in February, we got a date for the promised concert with Mat Kearney! We decided it would be a great opportunity to fundraise what we needed to start the partnership with CCC, so we set our goal of $30,000 and we knew that our Sam’s Fans would help us get there.


It was a lot of planning, but we had the most amazing concert with Mat, and we fundraised the $30,000! We reached back out to the folks at CCC, Nikki visited the hospital, and eventually, they sent us their proposal for funding. We are excited that you helped us make this partnership happen! Now, here’s some background information about Cleveland Clinic Children’s.


Cleveland Clinic

Drs. George Crile, Frank Bunts, William Lower, and John Philips established Cleveland Clinic in 1921. Today, Cleveland Clinic is recognized as one of the largest and most respected hospitals in the county, serving patients from all 50 states and nearly 170 countries. They are currently ranked the number two hospital in the country and the top hospital in Ohio. They have a huge staff of over 50,000 people and a budget of $8 billion!


In 2008, the Arts & Medicine Institute was formed to fully integrate the therapeutic, visual, and performing arts into Cleveland Clinic to promote healing. In 2018, one full-time inpatient art therapist and one full-time inpatient music therapist, as well as a part-time outpatient pediatric hematology/oncology music therapist and an outpatient pediatric hematology/oncology art therapist, were part of the Art and Music Therapy Program. The need for art and music therapy for pediatric patients continues to increase, while funding continues to decrease. In 2017 alone, their pediatric therapists conducted over 2,700 inpatient and outpatient sessions. Cleveland Clinic always provides music and art therapy at no cost to patients, so they depend on charitable donations to be able to provide the service.

Sponsor this blog post for $50! This donation will support music and art therapy for seriously ill children and their families. This message will be replaced with a thank you message when we find a sponsor. That could be you! 

The Partnership

We were able to start a partnership to fund one music therapist and one art therapist one full day a week in 2019! That’s about 832 hours, 416 of music therapy and 416 of art therapy! Disclaimer: Not every hour is of therapy sessions. The therapists need to also document and do other activities related to their work. We are excited to keep you updated about this program, so expect stories, numbers, and more! And, have you met the therapists yet? You helped fund Meredith McCulloch, Christine Bomberger, and Jackie Kolenz through your donations. Check out their biographies here.


We also plan to keep providing support to CCC for the purchase of music and art supplies. The therapists want to provide children with art materials to take home if they want to keep creating independently. When possible, they would also like to use art materials to provide keepsake artwork for families of terminally ill children. Music therapists may also provide CD recordings to patients and their families containing recorded songs, as well as heartbeat recordings.


Overall, we are really happy and excited about this opportunity to partner with Cleveland Clinic Children’s! Thanks go to our supporters who allowed us to start this partnership! If you wish for us to continue supporting Cleveland Clinic Children’s and to expand our reach, consider making a donation here.

L. Samuel Gracida

L. Samuel Gracida

Samuel is Sam's Fans Operating Director and our primary blogger!

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