Delivery Day!

I woke up this morning with a spring in my step … tempered just a touch by the Blue Jackets home loss last night but oh well, playoffs nonetheless!  I digress

Today was delivery day to Cincinnati with a side of Dayton!  I got my people off to school and came home to quickly pack the car!

After a quick pit stop at our favorite Colin’s Coffee for a McRoy egg sandwich

we hit the road for a meeting in Dayton to strategize on raising funds in the area.  Exciting news there is that we have donated to help start up their Music and Art Therapy program and I believe they have hired someone!    We are hoping that once we can get into the community and start sharing our story people will want to just jump aboard the Sam’s Fans Train!

From there we headed down 75 to Cincinnati.  We were all teed up for a 12:30 arrival and the valet guy had clearly saved us a spot right on the circle in front of the sign.  The ladies were there to greet us and brought an extra cart on our suggestion.   I can not hardly express their gratitude in a blog post but this is a pretty good indicator:   I wish you all had been there.  We did our best to share the highlights on the instagram story as we went along.  Wait, not following us on insta… you should probably do that here:  sams_fans_

As for me, I am still flying high.  I have talked Dan’s ear off about every detail, most of which I will spare you all.  Just the highlights!  In all honesty, I could not have done this without you.  You are giving Sam’s Fans so much life and me so much life and kids in the hospital SO MUCH LIFE AND JOY.  Be proud of yourselves!

with so much gratitude,


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Nikki McCarthy

Nikki McCarthy

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