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Sam's Fans 5K was one of the very first events in memory of Samantha McCarthy, and it continues to be one of our most favorite events.

Proceeds from the race will help us sustain our continued goal of supporting and enhancing music and art therapy programs for seriously ill children and their families.

Thanks to your support over the years, we are providing unique music and/or art therapy services in six Ohio Children's hospitals and two summer programs that serve seriously ill children. 

Goal Sam’s Fans 5k 2021

$40,000 & 500 participants

Welcome to our Family 6wk Couch to 5k Plan!

Whether you are already a runner or not, we hope you can take on this challenge with Sam's Fans and your family to follow the plan below in preparation for Sam's Fans Virtual 5k on June 13th!

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Time Until Race...



In addition to running, you can create your own fundraiser for Sam's Fans! Can you help us raise  an extra $15,000 through fundraising? We have special gifts for our fundraisers!

Here's How It Works

Step 1

Register and customize your personal fundraising page by adding photos, a video, and story text about why you're so passionate about the cause.

Step 2

Email your friends and family telling them about your fundraiser and share your link on social media asking everyone to donate. Be bold, it's for a good cause.

Step 3

Fundraise like crazy to raise as much money as possible. Your personal page collects your fundraising totals together in one place; your overall impact.


Do I need to create a fundraiser in order to sign up for the race?

No! We love when people create fundraisers, but you can just register to participate in the race. 

Can I register on race day?

While it will be possible to register on race day, we HIGHLY encourage you to register as soon as possible to help us plan. Please register! And if you end up not being able to come, you would have made a contribution to a great cause.

Do I have to have any training to attend this event?

No. You can walk the 5k and many families do so with little kids! You only need to show up to support. That being said, this year we will run a "couch to 5k" program so that you can train in 6 weeks to be able to run the 5k.

Do you need volunteers?

Yes! Please contact Allie Sabo ( for more information.

Can I create a team?

You can create official teams when you sign up for Crowdrise to fundraise. If you can’t fundraise but would still like to team up with your friends and family, we encourage that as well. Let us know if you decide to do so so we know who is supporting Sam’s Fans!

Can I run at any time on June 13th?

You can choose any time to run on June 13th as long as you input your running time by 5:00pm EDT.

How does the 5k work as a virtual event?

More information coming soon.

Do you have any questions, comments, clarifications, or suggestions about this year's Sam's Fans 5k? Don't hesitate to contact us via the form below!

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