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It has been an exciting few days here at Sam’s Fans, hasn’t it??!! That was a really hard secret to keep from you guys but it was worth it!  Can you imagine Mandy keeping that from me for months??  That is  for another day though. For now I want to introduce you to someone else

This is Grant.  I just met him Wednesday night on a visit out to Flying Horse Farms which just happens to be one of the most awesome places on earth.  Flying Horse Farms gives kids who are sick a chance to leave all that behind and just be kids for a week.  Their illness takes a backseat to having fun that is for sure!  If you have visited you know how magical it is.  I have toured camp but seeing it full of happy faces is an entirely different experience.

Our missions are very similar and providing funding for a program at Flying Horse Farms makes us so proud.  Sam did not attend camp and that is one of my regrets.  There were opportunities but the timing never aligned and sadly she did not get the experience which is part of the reason I wanted to help them in some way.  Wednesday I went to camp to meet Grant and see just what it is he does there and how we are helping!

Among other things I am sure Grant is the “spotlight specialist”.  Grant is a rockstar!  He runs Music Club two to three times a week and during that time he is teaching campers the new FHF camp song!  You guys, it is a perfect mix of fun and meaningful and it is perfect!  The kids were split into two groups and half learned the words and half learned to play it on the ukuleles… I know, right!  They practice during the week and perform it at the closing camp fire.    I watched kids who were shy at first really open up and decide that there no reason not to join in and I saw kids learn something new and be proud of that and I listened to this super fun empowering song.  It was a lovely night and I am super grateful to camp for letting me come be a fly on the wall for a short time!  I left feeling energized and excited after just 90 minutes!  I can only imagine what a kid feels like after being there for a week!  Something like flying even though we don’t have wings:)

Happy Saturday Sam’s Fans!!


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Nikki McCarthy

Nikki McCarthy


  1. Kathy McGlone on August 12, 2017 at 9:25 am

    Wow! Another great opportunity- music is helping so many? What great work you’re doing in Sam’s honor?

  2. Julius J Vargo on August 12, 2017 at 12:10 pm

    The world is certainly a better place because of people like you Nikki, thank you!????

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