Have You Ever Made Art to Music?

Music inspires a variety of feelings in listener and sometimes those feelings can be expressed through another art form, such as visual art, dance, drama, writing, etc. In this blog post, we are sharing with you two fun games to play with friends and family!

What you need

  • Several pieces of blank paper
  • Pencils and color crayons or other coloring tools
  • Various types of music. Think about your favorite songs or explore some new music. if you don’t know what to listen to, check out our our playlist on Spotify:

Game 1: Eyes closed, move your pencil, color it!

This game combines exploring the feelings you get by listening to a piece of music with the fun of creating an unexpected piece of art! It goes like this:

  1. Put the tip of your pencil on the paper and close your eyes.
  2. Then play the music on the CD player or computer with your eyes closed.
  3. Start moving your pencil however you wish to draw a continuous line on the page that mimic the instruments or rhythms of the music pieces. Imagine that your pencil is dancing to the music!
  4. When the music stops, open your eyes, listen to the music again, trace your own line again to remember how it felt the first time.
  5. Now you can start coloring the lines and shapes that you created with any colors that you think suit best your feelings towards the music you just listened to!

Voilá! You have your own piece of art created to music!

Game 2: Pairing drawings with music

  1. Play this game with a least one partner!
  2. Prepare several pieces of paper and color crayons for each participant.
  3. Listen to the same piece of music together with your game partners back to back.
  4. Each person will draw to the music they are listening to with the colors, shapes, and lines they like. Remember that it doesn’t have to be a perfect drawing, it only has to be your drawing!
  5. Remember that game partners should not see each other’s drawing while listening to music.
  6. Switch to different music and do another drawing until you have at least 3 drawings.
  7. Now listen to the same music again together, show each other your drawings, ask each other to pair the drawings to the music, and discuss how you felt when you listened to the songs.

Play these games together with your children, your partner, your friends and family and be creative! Why not create some special moments together with music and art!

Once more, if you are not sure what songs to listen to, check out our playlist on Spotify:

Have fun!


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L. Samuel Gracida

L. Samuel Gracida

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