Hope in Harmony

Hope in Harmony is an innovative support group for grieving families using music therapy interventions.



From 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Held at Cornerstone of Hope

1550 Old Henderson Road, Suite E262, Columbus, Ohio 43220

Free of charge to attend, but registration prior to December 28th is required. A light dinner is served prior to group.


This group is designed for parents who have lost a minor child as well as any siblings (age 8 and older) of the child who has passed.

Grief is a universal experience but impacts each person differently. Music is a powerful tool. It not only soothes and brings comfort but opens various forms of communication and expression. The melding of a traditional grief group with music therapy will provide opportunities for participants to work through their grief while finding meaningful ways to connect with others. The group will be led by a professional music therapist and co-facilitated by a trained grief facilitator.

Sam's Fans is pleased to partner with Cornerstone of Hope to bring this innovative 8-week support group to grieving families. Hope in Harmony will use music therapy interventions to help support families as they process their feelings of loss and receive support from their peers. Participants will share songs, use instruments and examine lyrics as a way to explore and express their grief. No prior musical experience is needed.