Meet Sam

Meet Sam

Sam collage

Samantha Jane McCarthy was born March 15, 1998.


When Sam was in the first grade she was diagnosed with Fanconi Anemia. We knew that one day Sam would have to receive a (hopefully) life saving bone marrow transplant. That day came in August, 2008. Sam spent a lot of the next 14 months in and out of the hospital and though she fought to the very end she passed away on October 15, 2009. For the short time that Sam was with us we learned lots of things. Sam taught us how to live and to love and to appreciate the time that we are given.


Sam had an incredibly huge heart. She was always thinking of others and was the kindest, caring young person we have known. She loved her brothers and family more than anything but she was also that way with complete strangers.


To honor Sam’s life and her legacy we have started Sam’s Fans as a way to give back and continue the work and life that Sam would have led. She loved to make people happy and to share with others. One of the things Sam loved was music. During the long and arduous days in the hospital the one thing that brought her joy and peace was music.


With Sam’s Fans we plan to bring more music therapy to hospitals and some peace to the long days in the hospitals.


-Nikki McCarthy, Sam's Mom