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What’s up Sam’s Fans??!!

That is the stage at King Avenue 5!   You probably have heard of this spot because last year they hosted our music fest and this past Sunday they once again hosted a concert that benefitted Sam’s Fans.  So basically, we love King Avenue 5!

Have you heard of North of Lane?  If you haven’t you probably should check them out here!  They are AWESOME!  A group of three young kids (all sophomores in high school) that are legit talented!

It was an evening of great music and LOTS fun.  There was food, drinks, lots of young people, a 50/50 raffle and most importantly awesome music.  I was able to share our mission with a room full of new people which resulted in a room full of new Sam’s Fans!!

Here is what is great about an event like this… We get to listen to some amazing talent but we also get to share the work of we do with new people. I love when new people get on board the Sam’s Fans train but I really love when the bartender says she is an art student and she would love to share it and figure out how she can be a part of our team and she was moved by what we are doing.  Yes, that really happened!  I can’t make this stuff up!

I loved having my core group of people there who show up when I need them but making new contacts and sharing our work is what makes us grow because, really,  that is what we need to do!

Speaking of growing…   This week I sent a check off to Dayton Children’s Hospital.  That would be the FOURTH hospital that we are able to work with and they need us.  They have ZERO music and art therapy!  We can’t have that!  So, Sam’s Fans is part of their pilot project over the next two years to start their program as they do a big expansion on the hospital!  My excitement is pretty much overwhelming and I will be keeping you posted on all the good things going on there.

For now, I will leave you with another song I am loving this week.

Thank you for being on our train and for those of you who are new… WELCOME!




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