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Nationwide Children's Hospital

Outpatient music therapy
Sam's Fans partnership with Nationwide Children's Hospital consists of funding an outpatient music therapist who works in Hospice and Palliative Care. This is a unique position that is not seen often in other hospitals. NCH was able to start this work thanks to funding coming from Sam's Fans!

Akron Children's Hospital

Artist-in-Residence Program
Sam's Fans partnership with Akron Children's Hospital is in support of the Emily Cooper Welty Expressive Therapy Center. Sam's Fans first funded the Artist-in-Residence program in late 2016 and has continued to do so ever since. The artist-in-residence program works bedside and in small group settings with children and their families, including siblings, who are served by Akron Children’s Hospital.

Dayton Children's Hospital

Inpatient music therapy
Sam's Fans partnership with Dayton Children's Hospital started by partially funding the hospital's first ever music therapist. The partnership started in 2017 and it has continued to grow since. Lindsey Steinbrunner (picture to the left) was the first music therapist funded by Sam's Fans at Dayton Children's. Since 2020, Sam's Fans started funding a second therapist at Dayton Children's Hospital who works in the behavioral health unit.

Cleveland Clinic Children's

Music and art therapy
Sam's Fans partnership with Cleveland Clinic Children's consists of providing one day of art therapy per week and one day of music therapy per week for seriously ill children in the hospital. This program benefits inpatient and outpatient populations in multiple areas of the hospital.

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

Inpatient art therapy
Sam's Fans partnership with Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center consists of funding an art therapist one day a week for 8 hours. Our initial partnership was only 4 hours a week but thanks to continued support we were able to increment it! We hope to be able to bring in more support so that there can be even more much-needed art therapy at CCHMC.

University Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children's

Inpatient music therapy
Sam's Fans partnership with University Hospitals - Rainbow Babies & Children's consists of providing additional hours to current part-time licensed music therapists to provide music therapy services to more in-patients. The funds will provide immediate impact for UH Rainbow’s music therapists to support more patients and families each week.

Golisano Children's Hospital of Southwest Florida

Intern stipends and Instruments
Sam's Fans partnership with Golisano Children's Hospital of SWFL consists of funding stipends for four Florida State and FGCU Interns, necessary musical instruments and equipment as well as continuing education programs.

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