Team Sam’s Fans took a road trip last week!

On Thursday we spent the day in Dayton for a day full of activity.  We started with lunch at the Dayton Children’s Hospital administration offices.  We shared our story with them and got to hear about all the new tower project that is almost complete.  In fact, the first four floors were finished recently and they were just going to shell in the two floors above to complete later but after being able to recruit so many new physicians with all the opportunity in Dayton they went ahead and finished the project much earlier than expected.  They are and should be very proud of the outcome.  It truly is a well thought out and beautiful addition to the city.  As it should be in Dayton, Ohio the them of the tower and each floor is “Things that Fly!” so each floor has a specific color and icon that represents that floor.  The floor we visited was all aqua colors and their flying thing was a hot air balloon!

After lunch we got to even tour the Mills Family Comprehensive Cancer and Blood Disorder Center!  Wow!  The difference between what we saw last year to this year is incredible.  As I said, everything was so well thought out and we heard that they even had a panel of young kids help with the design of all the pieces and parts which you can tell was a terrific idea.  Part of our visit to the floor was also to peak in on Lindsey, the music therapist, and see her in action!  She was visiting with a cute little guy who was very happy to see her and her keyboard.  We loved seeing it too:)  Check out the sticker on top:) 

From there we took some time out for coffee at a great spot called Ghostlight Coffee!

If you are in the area you should definitely check it out.  Delicious Lattes and Macchiatos to keep us going for the rest of the day because we had a fundraiser to attend that evening!  Thanks to two of our dear friends and Sam’s Fans Vicki Giambrone and Shannon Jones, we were able to share the Sam’s Fans mission with over 40 people from the Dayton Community.  I think it is safe to say that we made many new friends and Sam’s Fans most of them were more than willing to help us fund our future in the hospital there.

All in all a great trip!  We took away lots of ideas for more of the same kind of events in other cities where we we have music and art therapy programs so if you have an idea or would like to help us out contact us on the website!  We would love to make it happen!

We have a lot of fun ideas coming for the holidays so make sure to stay in touch!


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