Sponsor a Blog Post or Live Interview

Part of our mission at Sam’s Fans is to raise awareness about music and art therapy. We do so by writing and sharing blog posts, having Facebook live interviews with therapists, and creating content (including a full-length documentary) to showcase how amazing these therapies are.
We want to keep blogging and having Facebook live interviews every week, and we would like to offer you an opportunity to be involved. You can sponsor a blog post or a Facebook live interview and be part of this key component of our mission! You can do so as an individual or for your business.

The minimum sponsorship we ask for per blog post or interview is $50, but feel free to donate as much as your heart tells you. We will mention your sponsorship either in the blog post or the interview depending on what you choose to sponsor. 100% of your donation will go towards supporting the programs at our partner hospitals. THANK YOU!!