These are the chapters of Sam’s Book!

Happy Birthday Sam!  Happy 22nd birthday!


Earlier last week I was with talking with a friend and I referred to the birthday saying we would be celebrating.  Celebrating.  She noticed that perhaps a year ago I would not have said it that way.  I might have been more like apprehensively awaiting it to pass, a few more years ago and it was likely called “dreading” the birthday.  We have come a long way in these 11 years.  The celebration will not be a typical birthday celebration, let’s face it, it never will.  But we will celebrate on Sunday.  I hope you will join us!

While we celebrate, I can’t deny that it is a tough day.  Sam’s friends are finishing up their last semesters at college and moving on to make their dreams come true.  Many of their graduations and photos we will watch from afar.   At times these reminders can be gut wrenching and the thought of what dreams and hopes we lost 11 years ago are too much to bear.  Our story did not turn out the way we had hoped but we are writing our own chapters now.  Those chapters will not be Sam’s graduation, first job, or her husband and her children, our grandchildren, instead they will be chapters full of other children.  Chapter One is Ben who loves the Itsy Bitsy Spider.  Chapter Two is all about David who loves trains followed by Bryce who loves chimes and Laney singing about the animals on the farm!    These are the chapters of Sam’s Book now!    Sam’s Fans Book!!!

You are helping us write these chapters every day with your support.  Let’s make it a bestseller!  This year we are recognizing the fact that Sam will be 22 and that she was 11 when she passed and it has been 11 years since that awful day in October.  For some reason those numbers are significant to me.  Perhaps it is because once we reach the 11 year mark she will be gone longer than she was with us.  That is sobering for sure.


You can make your impact by contributing a donation of $22 to mark this year.  If that doesn’t make sense for you we welcome any variation of that… $2.20, $220, #2200 or any number!!  It’s up to you!  There have been a few fundraisers ongoing that we sent out earlier like the Honey Rose and K Necklace and the Love Notes for Sam by Tracey Fortkamp.  If you missed them let us know. You can also see some other ways to join in here.


Lastly, as we do every year please join us virtually on Sunday and share your ice cream photos on Instagram and Facebook with the hashtag #icecreamwithsam.  It makes our day to see you celebrating with us!



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