Monthly Ukulele Program

Four ukuleles a month pledged. 

Can you help us get to twenty?


Imagine that your child is in the hospital. Obviously, this is a situation nobody wants to be in. You do not know for how long you will be there. Your kid and your family are stressed and sleep-deprived. Now imagine that no matter how grave the situation, your kid actually gets a chance to smile and forget about his or her illness. That is the power of music therapy for seriously ill children! And a ukulele can make all the difference, allowing kids to keep something that can bring them joy and comfort in the midst of chaos and uncertainty.


For $25, you can buy one ukulele that will be used for music therapy at one of our partner hospitals. Kids will then get to keep the ukuleles. And guess what?! Guitar Center has agreed to give us a $45 Mitchell ukulele for only $25!


You can also make a one-time donation. If you wish to sign up for the monthly program please check the box that says "Show my support by making this a recurring donation" 


100% of your donation will go towards the purchase of these ukuleles.


Thank you!