Ambassador Program

Become a Sam's Fans Ambassador

Being a Sam's Fans Ambassador can mean different things for different people. You can be like Mitchell (who actually was Sam's friend) and come to all of Sam's Fans events and fundraise for the cause. Or perhaps you are like Miranda who helped create an event that is now the biggest source of revenue for Sam's Fans each year. Maybe you want to be like Emma, who fundraised over $800 for her 11th bday. Whatever it is, we are incredibly grateful and want to help you succeed. If you have an idea don't hesitate to reach out!

Nikki and Jenny

Sam’s Fans is awesome! Meaning—I am in “awe” of the McCarthy’s and their story of love; I am in “awe” of their unrelenting dedication to provide music and art therapy to children and their families; and I am in “awe” of their continued creativity to find fun and meaningful ways to fundraise. I am very excited to be a part of this team as an ambassador!

"I LOVE Sam's Fans - they make it so easy to do more good. The mission of enriching the lives of children with a terminal illness through art and music therapy makes my heart soar. It's so easy to help and makes such a great impact. Even if you only have a little bit of spare time, I encourage everyone to be a Sam's Fans ambassador!"

Stephanie Page from the POINT App


Decide what you want to do. Here are some ideas:


Create an online fundraiser.

Set up an offline fundraiser. Think lemon stand or bake sale here.

Be a social media ambassador, helping us share our social media content, fundraisers, events, and more.

Put up an ambassador table at a business you know. The ambassador packet includes handouts and printouts that you can bring to the table!


Download the ambassador packet. This packet includes files you can print, tips on the different activities you can do, and much more. We want your efforts to be successful!


You can also request Sam's Fans goodies using this form. You can request water bottles, stickers, brochures, and more! You can help fundraise by selling these items.


Let us know what you are doing! We will do all we can to spread the word about your project or fundraiser. This includes sharing in social media and email communications.


Please also be aware that our team is mighty but small. Therefore, we cannot help much in helping organize your event.

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Event Volunteers

Sam's Fans 5k - June

We are always looking for any kind of help with this event. Whether it is help organizing, checking in the runners, providing food for the runners, or helping clean up, it is all greatly appreciated.

A THREAD of Hope

Find out how you can be involved in one of the best fashion shows in Mid-Ohio.

Amazing Birthday Adventure - April

We need volunteers to help us during this scavenger hunt throughout the city!

Partnership with Givevia

You can also support Sam's Fans through Givevia. You can use Givevia for all your online shopping, save money with special deals, and they will generate funds for Sam’s Fans. You can also track the funds Givevia automagically generates for your charity, invite others to the cause, and amplify your impact.