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Hello everybody! This is Samuel Gracida writing about Sam’s Fans mission! (I am Sam’s Fans new Operating Director, I even got business cards now with my new title!) I will try to write a blog post every Tuesday. And I’ll try my best so be on the lookout for that!

Today I wanted to reflect on our mission and all that is happening at Sam’s Fans. We have exciting things coming up! The concert with Mat Kearney at the end of this month… Our fifth annual 5k early next month… And you’ve been hearing all about it in social media, email, television, and more! Things are really moving forward and we couldn’t be more excited about it!

What it’s all really about!

Nevertheless, I just wanted to remind everybody what this is all about. This is not about making money. It is not about any one of us individuals. This is about all those kids at hospitals who feel sad and lonely. It’s about the kids and their families who need something to cheer them up! And our mission is about supporting the music and art therapists who are at the front lines, helping those kids day in and day out.

I have actually been able to shadow a music therapist at a hospital and I can tell how challenging it is! They have to constantly fight a workplace that does not always place music therapy and art therapy as a priority. They have to work with kids who are seriously ill and help them while not getting as much appreciation as doctors, nurses, or even other kind of therapists. And they do it because they know how powerful music and art can be.

Friends, music and art therapy are important! Not only important, but necessary. That’s what’s at the heart of Sam’s Fans and all that we do. Don’t forget that!

You Support Something Really Important

By coming to An Evening with Mat Kearney, you’re not only coming to a concert with your favorite artist. You’re being part of our mission and advocating for the importance of music and art in the lives of the kids who most need it.

When you race on our fifth Sam’s Fans 5k you’re not only doing it to stay fit! You’re supporting (and fundraising hopefully!) to keep music and art therapists at hospitals. Then they can provide comfort and smiles to kids and their families.

We are sorry we can’t share as many stories of the kids we are impacting. Because of confidentiality issues, that is sometimes a little bit tricky. But we’ll try to share that with you more! We are in conversation with our therapists and we will try to get more stories out. And if you have some stories of your own please share them with us so we can broadcast them to the world!

Again, thank you for trusting us to take your support and deliver it to the music and art therapists doing the real work! This would not be possible without you all. And we hope to see you in one of our upcoming events. Also, I would definitely love to meet all of you who I don’t know yet (which is most of you).

Till next week!

Samuel Gracida

L. Samuel Gracida

L. Samuel Gracida

Samuel is Sam's Fans Operating Director and our primary blogger!

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