Supporting and enhancing music and art therapy programs that serve seriously ill children and their families

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Raises Funds

Through events, online donations, grants, sponsorships, and more.

Funds Programs

Such as music and art therapy positions at children’s hospitals, programs at camps for seriously ill children, purchasing music and art supplies, and more.

Raises Awareness

Through our music and art therapy blog and social media to raise awareness about music and art therapy and the power they have.



raised for music and art

therapy programs.

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You can transform the lives of seriously ill children and bring joy, color, and music to an otherwise scary place.

Learn about the story of Samantha McCarthy and Sam's Fans on this video from the TODAY show 2017! 

14 hours ago

Sam's Fans
🎶 Your meditation music doesn’t have to be relaxing, it can simply be your favorite song! 🎧🙌 Hi Sam’s Fans! Today we are sharing with you some interesting notes from our past blog post “Music and Meditation: How Can Music Aid Your Meditation Practice?”🤔🧘‍♂️Perhaps many of you already knew how meditation can be beneficial to both our physical and mental health. Many probably have started their meditation journey, some might even always have some relaxing music going in the background. 🌿 🤔But have you thought about why music is important? Sure, music can help sooth the nerves and make you relax. Playlists of relaxing tunes definitely help with finding the meditative state. But music in meditation can actually do more. 🧐🙌Just put on your favorite song!🙌Just REALLY listen to it. You can focus on so many little things going on in the music that you probably never noticed before: the vocals, the percussion, the strings... And probably some other unidentifiable sounds as well. (Huh, what’s that instrument?) You can also reflect on your feelings towards the music and think about why you feel so. The act of listening to the music actively can also be part of your meditation!To learn more about music and meditation, check out our blog post! Do you listen to music when you meditate? What is your favorite song that you would like to meditate with? Let us know in the comments! ... See MoreSee Less
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